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Kaleidoscopelaser System

This a new laser projector from XXI. century, which use the worldwide newest show and laser innovation,
for artistic laser design of entertainment industry. This is a fantastic art of the future - in the present.
It's a good possibility to upgrade the standard laser systems and laser equipments.
The system can receive ILDA Format and synchronize to Pangolin Laser show software.


Many years ago, invented a special optical transformation which used the latest technology and can
released a very special magical word of laser environment.
You can never compare with a standard or a traditional laser systems or  laser shows or other laser
production, because of there isn't a standard simple beam to drawing on a screen or shutting to the
room above the audience. There is a special kaleidoscopelaser animation projector system,
which work with polychromatic lasers, with music synchronizing and painted on the screen
unbelievable forms and figures. The surface of the screen can be realize  to 20 meters or more, of course
the size strongly depends on the laser power. The variations of the colours and forms enjoyed a special
feeling which can be touch your every sense. Harmonizing of the colours with music can be open a
special world, which you never seen, imagine or felt earlier. Unfortunately the photos and videos
cannot shown the laser kaleidoscope personal feeling on monitor.
This is a special painting with laser beam on the wall, screen or watercsreen.


A traditional RGB laser systems can produce above 16 millions of colours, but the laser companies
use mainly 20-30 colours from it. Often ask us, - the laserist why never use all of the possibilities.
It's very simple, because of the human eye has not enough time to recognize and exactly compare
the little colour difference in moving.
It's strongly influence the human eyes and cause unpleasant flickering.
The Kaleidoscopelaser System can produce simultaneously more billion of the colours and all of these
 exactly visible for the human eye.
The special colour mixing unit can be care for the colour composition and divide the shade of the colours
 so exactly, you could feel the least part of the difference.
The quality of the pictures also depends on the different colours and the proportion between these.
To use simultaneously more different wavelengths are very important and results the miracle of the
 kaleidoscope laser system. We combine the colours and laser power for client request by producing.
The scale of colours beginning at the deep ultraviolet to deep purple red. Used many different diode lasers,
solid state lasers, DPSS lasers, KTP, BBO, LBO and YAG crystals which results, high quality coherent
laser light beam. Available wavelengths of the polychromatic lasers: 405nm, 445nm, 457nm, 473nm,
501nm, 515nm, 532nm, 561nm, 593nm, 612nm, 635nm, 650nm, 660nm, 671nm, 680nm, 690nm.
The laser power is available 8 to 80 Watts by polychromatic lasers. 
Beam diameter is about 4mm.
Beam divergence less than 1.0 mRad
Auto ranging power supply 85-265V, 50-60Hz
Power consumption: 300W-1.5kW
DMX synchronization via GTLaser  ( www.gtlaser.hu ) software, for your request.
Used the best high speed scanner galvo's from SCANERGY ( www.scanergy.com )
First public scanning did by Laser Theatre (www.lasertheater.hu ) 


Permanent and current installations, planetariums, exhibition shows, corporate events, weddings,
Christmas Light, shopping centre  openings, festivals and carnivals, public park events, new year
celebrations, anniversaries, concerts, shows on holiday seasons, clubs, advertising, general entertainment,
trade shows, light shows, studios, multimedia production's, creative show production's, corporate product
displays, raves, spectacular, night clubs, galas, laser shows, dance events, house party's,
product presentations, conferences, sport events, fashion shows, special effects, spectacular, etc...
Support and work with local and national companies, Put models, dancers, performers and products inside
the sphere to highlight your product, promotion or other exciting events. Worldwide delivery, installation
and study. International partners are welcome.


Working by order only. Producing complete turnkey solution. If you would place to order a Kaleidoscopelaser
Display System, you need to calculate the size of the projection surface and projection distance.
Because of the costs strongly depends on from the requested size, colour proportion, laser power, and
laser programmes. The best way if you describe your possibilities, we would offer more variations to you.
e.g.:  the least system - working from 5 meters distance (screen size is 6m X 3m), with five colour
polychromatic lasers: 405nm - 1.5W, 445nm - 1.0W, 532nm - 1.5W , 635nm - 1.0W , 650nm - 3.0W.  
The average polychromatic power is about 8,0 Watts.
e.g.:  the most powerful and most attractive variation: At 50m distance the (screen size is 20m X 10m).
405nm - 3.0W, 445nm - 6.5W, 457nm - 6.5W, 473nm - 3.0W, 501nm - 1.0W, 515nm - 8.0W,
532nm - 8.0W, 561nm - 2.0W, 593nm - 2.5W, 612nm - 2.5W, 635nm - 7.0W, 650nm - 10.0W,
660nm - 10.0W, 671nm - 10.0W. The average polychromatic power is about 80 Watts.
Producing time 8-12 weeks, depends on the desired laser power , laser wavelengths and  laser programs.
We offer genuine full service - design, consultancy, planning and implementation.
Clients are welcome to select a package that matches a specific production or budget.
We work in partnership with all event stakeholders - from event management, technical and creative
production teams, through to directors and end users.


We provide all kind of kaleidoscope laser system projector for hire. Tailor made animation and time coded
shows with fully trained technical crew.

You can use your own music, text or program by shows if you send it.
We need produce the programming ourselves and realized you idea.


We apply for health and safety approval for every show.
At all times of a laser light show performance, no laser beams will come in direct contact with the audience.
Laser beams can be terminated onto walls, domes, screens or buildings.

The Laser Magazine from 
Germany sixteen time awarded Tibor Groholy as the best laser artist.

The laser branch around the world awarded the Kaleidoscopelaser System and Tibor Groholy
in 2009 with the first place in Amsterdam at the annual ILDA Conference.